Machine Caster

Attached to the high-temperature workshop (team working two eight-hour shifts)


Your main tasks will involve:

  • ensuring you have the right pattern plates;
  • ensuring you have available all the necessary equipment in good working order to start the run;
  • preparing and doing all the checks on the state of the hooks and hoist cables, mounting and fixing the pattern plates, adjusting the casting props and the machine shaking and clamping time;
  • carrying out all stages of production (casting, stripping, laying out of sand, etc.); and
  • in addition, helping to train new staff on the job, taking part in the 5S and continuous improvement programs, and doing minor maintenance.

Required skills and qualities

You will be organized, methodical and meticulous with a good knowledge of first level maintenance, an enquiring mind and a liking for teamwork.


You will have completed your eighth grade and grasped the basic concepts of general mechanics.