Manual Coremaker / Caster

Attached to the high-temperature workshop (team working two eight-hour shifts)


Your main duties will be:

  • ensuring that you have the right core and mold making equipment then making the cores and molds;
  • checking that the core boxes match the core specifications and the patterns match the cast specifications;
  • making the core by hand (selecting the hardener, filling the box with the sand mixture, taking the core out of the mold, etc.);
  • preparing for casting by plate or by pattern by inserting the coolers, feeders and sleeves, then putting the patterns into the molding boxes before pouring the casting; and
  • in addition, taking part in the 5S and continuous improvement programs, carrying out minor maintenance and carrying out on-the-job training of staff in the use of the equipment.

Required skills and qualities

You will be organized, methodical and meticulous with a good knowledge of first level maintenance and general mechanics. You will know how to read plans and use metrology tools.


You will have completed your eighth grade and grasped the basic concepts of general mechanics.