Metal Caster

Working in the melting department, you will work with the overhead crane operator, the builder and the foreman and also with the maintenance and quality departments (team working two eight-hour shifts)


Your duties will include:

  • preparing the casting material (preheating the ladle, taking the temperature of the casting material);
  • filling the molds;
  • checking the equipment (state of the empty ladle), emptying the dross bucket and the molds, preparing the molds for reuse, preparing and fitting the new stopper rods, and lapping the others to the nozzle in compliance with guidelines; and
  • filling in the daily control sheet.

equired skills and qualities

You will be able to learn on the job, have a sense of responsibility and great physical strength. You will already have had some short experience in the foundry industry.


You must be accredited to drive a forklift truck.