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Accident at Castmetal Feurs (France)

On January 21, 2015, at 5:30 a.m., an accident occurred at the French Castmetal Feurs site in the Loire.

All the employees on the premises at the time of the accident received immediate care. Following examination, their state of health gave no cause for concern and they were able to return home. The exact circumstances and causes of the accident are not yet known. Technical and administrative investigations have been initiated within the company.
The necessary checks have been carried to ensure our employees’ safety and that of the site’s equipment. We are also carrying out studies to determine what repair work will be required.
The site’s industrial integrity has not been affected, and everything is being done to gradually resume production.
The site’s quality and logistical resources are still in place, which allows us to continue shipping products to our customers and subcontractors.
The site management team is deeply touched by all those who have expressed their sympathy and support, and would like to extend its sincere thanks.