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Queretaro Automotive Meetings Business Convention (Mexico)

In 2014, vehicle production in Mexico reached 3.22 million units,marking a rise of 10%. 

This country has become the 7th producer of vehicles in the world and number one in Latin America. As for exports, they have increased by 9%.
Mexico has become the second largest exporter of cars to the United States, the world’s main market, outclassing Japan and settling just behind Canada, which according to analysts it could very well overtake in 2015.
The automotive sector is therefore particularly dynamic in this country, and Safe owed it to itself to be present at the Automotive Meetings Business Convention that took place from 23 to 25 February 2015 in Queretaro.
The Safe Demo, Safe Metal & Safe Cronite branches therefore reserved a joint stand. Several Safe Demo sales reps made the journey and Mari-Carmen Garcia, Cronite Sales Manager for Mexico, represented the Safe Cronite and Safe Metal branches.
This type of event is a great opportunity for discussion, exchange and entering into dialogue with key stakeholders in the sector, and the three branches made the most of the event to make numerous contacts.
A wonderful example of how these three branches are able to successfully work together and pool their expertise in the interests of the Group!