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Safe shows its commitment in partnership with Fondation pour l’Enfance

On 30 May 2013, Marc Génot, President of Fondation pour l’Enfance and Frédéric Schwartz, on behalf of Safe, signed a partnership agreement for three years.

This new corporate sponsorship agenda demonstrates the Group’s social commitment, and lends a new dimension to its involvement in the social and economic fabric of the regions where it has industrial facilities.

Through this funding initiative with Fondation pour l’Enfance, Safe is making an active contribution to missions aimed at educating and protecting children in emotional or social difficulties in several regions of the world.

In France, Safe is lending its support to Horizon Parrainage 69 http://www.horizonparrainage.com, which mentors over 500 children.




Internationally, Safe is embarking on a first initiative in Mexico, where the Group has already established three plants and employs over 450 people.