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Steel Casting conference, October 2014

On the 23rd and 24th of October 2014, was held in Potsdam the historical Capital of the German State of Brandenburg (near Berlin), an interesting conference organized by Magma Software Company about Steel Casting. Among the attendees, Safe Metal was present along with other experts from major steel foundries from all five continents.
Steel castings play a vital role in manufacturing industries. In our global and competitive marketplace, innovative casting technology, robust quality systems and effective processes make the difference. This event offered the steel casting industry a platform on which Engineering Managers and Managing Directors from all over the world had the opportunity to discuss with each other and with leading experts from research. 
Main topics of the two-day event were the development of the steel casting technology and the optimization of casting processes. There was a focus on the last progress in steel casting simulation that is not only useful to predict mold pouring and solidification but can also predict the mechanical stresses occurring during solidification and heat treatment, the risk for hot cracking, the microstructure of the part and the mechanical characteristics at delivery state.
A very positive meeting thanks to the high quality of the presentations and the unique platform for exchanging the current state-of-the-art and innovative solutions in steel casting manufacturing from the foundry man’s point of view.