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Voted Best Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) in 2013

Demo Do Brasil brought to the fore by Cyrielle Choppin, voted Best Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) in 2013.

Cyrielle Choppin, originally from the French Basque country, obtained her degree in economic and social administration at the University of Pau. She then spent an Erasmus year in Madrid studying human resources, before finally opting for a Master in International Management with a Latin America option at the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (UPPA) in Bayonne where she also gained work experience in Peru and Brazil.
It was on this occasion that she met Safe Demo representatives in search of someone to help get their airbag cover production site in Brazil off the ground. Her training, her hands-on experience and her fluency in Portuguese, English and Spanish made her the perfect choice for assisting with the administrative aspects of the new site’s installation.
Her adventure began at the Safe Demo head office in Chambly under a 10-month fixed term contract, which allowed her to receive training and prepare for her future mission.
In February 2013, Cyrielle joined the Demo Do Brasil site in Curitiba as part of a one-year VIE experience. Following this, she entered the competition for Brazil’s best VIE by writing a memo about the projects and actions she had carried out on behalf of her host company! 
Cyrielle has now reached the highest step of the podium and been named Brazil’s Best VIE of 2013. She received her award at Ubifrance in Sao Paulo in the presence of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs. 
Having since been offered an expatriate contract with Demo Do Brasil, Cyrielle is today continuing to contribute to the site’s development.