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“Young Enterprise” award

Safe presents the Young Enterprise award at the Arts et Métiers Grand Gala in Paris.

Each year, the Arts et Métiers Grand Gala attracts a community of students, young engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs and alumni around a prestigious event. 
At this 99th edition of the Grand Gala, held on March 28, 2015, Fondation Arts et Métiers and its sponsors awarded the 2nd edition of the Arts et Métiers Young Enterprise trophy, created to encourage young engineers to start their own business. 
2015 is the International Year of Light, so the theme for this year’s projects was “Light, a universal vector of progress”. 
Two prizes were awarded, the first to the Arts et Métiers Chambéry laboratory and the second to a young company carrying out work on this very theme.
Chairman of the Management Board (and former student)  Gerard Mura presented the Young Enterprise award on behalf of the Safe Group to the SkEyeTech start-up, run by Managing Director Paul Astoul (Bordeaux Arts et Métiers Young Engineer and model-making enthusiast) in partnership with Antoine Lecestre (Bordeaux Arts et Métiers Young Engineer and gliding enthusiast) and Grégoire Linard.
The company is currently working on the development of a new vision system for civilian drones.
Its three young creators were awarded the Arts et Métiers trophy, which comes with a grant of 5 000 euros.
Left to right: A. Lecestre (CTO), G. Mura (Chairman of the Board - Safe Group), P. Astoul (CEO) et G. Linard