Safe Cronite supplies assembled baskets of dimensions compatible with most existing furnaces. They can be used with or without trays according to the characteristics of the furnace.

Multiple combinations compatible with all types of furnace


Baskets for every situation

Available in a variety of heights, our baskets can be used in many combinations depending on the workpieces and the maximum available space in the furnace.

In addition to the standard 38% nickel 18% chromium alloy suitable for carburized hardening and oil quenching operations, many other alloys can also be recommended.

Particularly in the case of specific applications involving heavy loads, deep hardening and vacuum furnace operations at high temperatures with or without gas quenching.

Baskets of the same design can be supplied with or without built-in trays for carburization in pusher-type furnaces.

We also have simpler, container-type baskets for continuous isothermal furnaces and annealing furnaces.

And circular baskets for use in multifunctional furnaces and in pit furnaces.

CFC basket
Wire basket
Basket for pit furnace
Basket for pit furnace
Standard basket
Standard basket