Safe Cronite products can be found anywhere process equipment must operate reliably in harsh conditions, like extreme temperatures and abrasive and corrosive environments.
Machines equipped with Safe Cronite components and alloys operate just as smoothly as if they were working under normal conditions.

Heat treatment market

Safe Cronite, a leading global supplier of heat treatment assemblies

Safe Cronite is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of heat treatment assemblies and furnace equipment. More than 10,000 furnaces around the world are equipped with our products.

Our systems make it faster and easier to load parts into furnaces for heat treatment. They include:

  • standard systems for the most common types of furnace worldwide (base plates, intermediate grates, columns, racks and rack supports, baskets, stakes, etc.); and
  • customized systems designed to exact specifications.

Our systems, designed for use with workpieces, and our components, made from refractory alloys for use in furnaces, are engineered to:

  • better protect heat-treated workpieces;
  • streamline furnace loading;
  • cut defect rates;
  • pinpoint and take advantage of automation opportunities; and
  • minimize distortions to boost service life.


A Safe Cronite system for every high-temperature process

We offer a wide range of methods and materials to suit every process requirement:

  • Graphite components
  • CFC with special coatings
  • Nickel-chrome alloy components molded using static and centrifuge methods
  • Special alloys for mechanically-welded parts.


Heat treatment alloys spanning all applications

Thanks to our large palette of heat-treatment alloys—combined with graphite and CFC—we can provide the right solution for even the most demanding application.
Moreover, we perform cutting-edge R&D so as to continually develop new products that let our customers:

  • stay on top of the latest advancements in heat treatment;
  • increase their loading capacity;
  • extend service life; and
  • reduce the weight of assemblies.

Our exclusive equipment—including creep test machines—allows us to simulate the thermal shocks that our products must be able to withstand.

Some of the alloys we have recently developed include:

  • Mancellium ®, which is particularly well-suited for low-pressure cementation; and
  • HRZ®, which boasts exceptional longevity despite a lower nickel content.


Click below for a list of the alloys used in various heat treatment applications:


The Safe Cronite system line-up mainly includes:



Safe Cronite supplies assembled baskets of dimensions compatible with most existing furnaces. They can be used with or without trays according to the characteristics of the furnace.

Trays and grids

Safe Cronite designs and produces a wide range of trays and grids compatible with all heat treatment furnaces, and solutions catering to all customers’ needs.

Loading systems

At Safe Cronite, we have acquired a solid expertise in the field of heat treatment based on over 150 years of experience, which means we are ideally positioned for choosing the most suitable and cost-effective treatment for the...

Parts for pit furnaces

Safe Cronite offers a wide range of special-purpose supports for the particular architecture of pit furnaces, solutions tailored specifically to our customers’ needs

Low-pressure carburizing systems

Safe Cronite has been supplying aluminum-nickel alloy components since 1998, under the trademark Mancellium TM. This alloy grade was invented by Cronite Mancelle, a pioneering European company in the nickel...

Spare parts for industrial furnaces

Most of our Safe Cronite high-temperature business is directed towards users of furnaces. However, our superior know-how in refractory steel technology also makes us a natural partner for suppliers of furnaces.