Safe Cronite has been supplying aluminum-nickel alloy components since 1998, under the trademark Mancellium TM. This alloy grade was invented by Cronite Mancelle, a pioneering European company in the nickel aluminide industry.

Greater efficiency and longevity for low-pressure carburizing


Aluminum-nickel: An exceptional Safe Cronite alloy

Mancellium TM has proved its worth as an extremely economical material for producing parts used in low-pressure carburizing processes.

It offers a multitude of advantages:

  • A service life far superior to that of conventional alloys
  • Less distortion
  • Fewer fractures and therefore less downtime
  • Very low carbon absorption.

A layer combining chromium oxide and aluminum oxide effectively protects against carbon absorption and bonding.


Jig for shafts
Jig for shafts
Jig for shafts