We use our extensive expertise in metallurgy and casting foundry processes to produce a myriad of customized parts capable of resisting high temperatures, abrasion and corrosion for all types of industrial process.

Custom-designed and under joint development


Spare parts for the rolling mill, forge and foundry

We use a wide range of production methods to supply highly resistant cast and machined parts weighing up to 3 tons commonly used in industrial furnace processes, such as:

  • Hot rolling mills
  • Hot-rolled sheet plants
  • Forges
  • Wire and strip steel plants
  • Heavy plate manufacturers
  • Billet producers
  • Foundries.


Our most popular parts include:

  • Rollers for galvanizing and continuous annealing furnaces
  • Beam supports
  • Diabolo rollers cooled by air or water 
  • Fixed and removable beams 
  • Loading and unloading arms 
  • Furnace doors.


Parts for the petrochemical industry

Backed by over 150 years’ experience of molding refractory alloys, we are able to manufacture a wide range of cast parts used in petrochemical and chemical furnaces to customer specifications.

Our most popular parts include:


Support parts:

  • Tube sheets
  • Support arms 
  • Tube supports 
  • Connecting rods 
  • Ventilated beams
  •  Edge supports.


Tube parts:


Miscellaneous parts:

  • T-pipes
  • Cones
  • Plugs.
Spare parts for the steel industry
Spare parts for the petrochemical industry