Safe Cronite, through our company Le Segment AB, designs and manufactures piston rings for all types of engine.

Born of the automobile’s long history


Amédée Bollée, the precursor

SAB, we specialize in the design and production of static and dynamic sealing rings for engine pistons in small- and medium-sized production runs.

Initially specializing in the manufacture of piston rings for combustion engines and compressors, SAB is today the European leader in piston rings for two-stroke engines. We have also expanded our expertise to hydraulics and aeronautic turbines.


Rings, and rings alone

With our own specialized iron and steel foundry on the same site, we can guarantee consistent material and manufacturing quality for segments ranging between 8 mm and several meters in diameter.

Backed by over 70 years’ solid experience in a wide range of applications, our development teams work hand in hand with customers to deliver customized solutions designed to optimize their technical and economic performance.

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Quality control of rings after turning
Clearance control of 2100 mm diameter ring
Bronze rings, step cut, for aeronautics customer
Chrome rings, straight joint
Rings awaiting grinding for surface finishing
with spring