Investment is not new to us. At Safe Cronite we have devoted a substantial budget to research for many years to achieve our objectives, in particular at our Brno site in the Czech Republic.

A driver of refractory progress


Experienced metallurgists with a long combined experience

Our Brno research and development center is equipped with facilities developed specifically for testing our own products. It also has all the standard equipment necessary for materials research.

We have accumulated over 50 years’ experience in the metallurgy industry, specializing in particular in refractory steels. Our mission is to provide the best material for its application, and to develop innovative solutions to keep up with heat treatment market trends.


Exceptional alloys

Our research and development department has an impressive track record. Achievements include the development of a high-performance alloy, HRZ, which has a very long life despite using less nickel, and of Mancellium, an alloy capable of withstanding carburization in low-pressure carburizing furnaces.

Our research and development center also develops new technologies for use in the high-temperature industry.

It conducts research into the properties of existing alloys and alloys under development, creating an accurate database for simulations and to ensure our parts have as long a life as possible.