Safe Cronite is the world leader in the heat treatment furnace and incineration equipment markets. Our brands are looked up to on all continents: Cronite Mancelle, Cronite Castings and Cronite Klefisch between them have over 150 years’ experience in designing and producing nickel-chrome alloy cast parts.

The best products in extreme temperature, abrasion and corrosion conditions

Our Engin : Innovation

We support our customers in their technological development by permanently developing new materials and products.

Over 4% of our revenue is reinvested in research and development. We use modern computer-aided design techniques as part of a continuous improvement approach.

Our sites make use of CAD/CAM software, interconnected throughout our plants, tensile-strength calculation modules and creep testing machines (with quenching), and implement custom-designed joint research and testing protocols in collaboration with our customers.

With our prototyping equipment, 3D validation of new designs becomes both rapid and simple.


Our international team of experts

Our international team of twenty designers based in seven countries (France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Scandinavia, India and Japan) is permanently focused on optimizing our customer solutions. All our sites work in collaboration as part of a multidisciplinary process involving both our technical and marketing teams to ensure the same design features and levels of quality in Europe, America and Asia, and that our products meet all customer specifications.

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