Most of our Safe Cronite high-temperature business is directed towards users of furnaces. However, our superior know-how in refractory steel technology also makes us a natural partner for suppliers of furnaces.

At the heart of high-temperature production


Standard and custom-designed furnace components

We supply various furnace components, made of heat-resistant alloys including CFC and graphite materials, as well as cast parts, manufactured parts, centrifugal cast parts, etc.


These parts can be designed specifically to specifications or produced on the basis of standard models, for example:

  • Rails 
  • Rollers 
  • Fans
  • Radiant tubes
  • Supports
  • Belt links.


For pit furnaces, we provide the following maintenance and upgrade services:

  • Repair or replacement of retorts
  • Repair or replacement of lids
  • Repackaging of fan motors.
Bell cover
Special wheel mold
Miscellaneous parts
Specific tunnel