Our parts are designed for maximum performance in most types of turbine shot blaster. Our alloys’ superior abrasion resistance makes us a recognized premium supplier for the shot-blasting industry.

A reliable supplier for shot-blasting systems


Fast response times

With over 200 different types of part in stock, we can fill just about any order in record time. This is crucial for customers who need to minimize the downtime of their shot-blasting equipment. 

Our expansive product line-up offers two key benefits:

  • It covers most of the parts used in today’s market.
  • It leverages our unique expertise in specialty cast irons and mangalloy.


The high-quality parts we provide include:

  • Components for turbines, blades, cages, etc.
  • Blade supports
  • Miscellaneous parts such as armor plates, supports, etc.


We also design and manufacture handling systems for shot-blasting equipment:


We supply turbine blades for all types of shot blaster.


We make shot-blaster turbine cylinders.

We supply spare parts for all shot-blaster components exposed to turbine wear and tear.

Handling systems

We make systems to handle parts while they are being shot blasted.

We can also develop customized systems to hold any type of molded part to be shot blasted.

Miscellaneous parts
Shot-blasting support
Miscellaneous parts