Safe Demo plastic components are engineered to enhance both the safety and perceived quality of car interiors. Our innovative designs and smooth finishes give any car interior an exquisite look and feel.

Delivering superior safety through excellent reliability


Safe Demo is the world’s leading supplier of airbag covers.

We earned this leadership position through a steadfast commitment—dating back to 1991 when we first entered this nascent market—to make consistently reliable products.

And we always deliver on this commitment, even when faced with demanding customer specifications and tight budgets.

Our top priority at Safe Demo is safety. That means our plastic components are made to be exceptionally robust, with mechanical properties that can withstand a wide range of conditions—including passenger compartment temperatures.

The parts we make save lives. They must be 100% safe, reliable and free from even the slightest defect.

Since 1991, we have been continuously upgrading our production systems to incorporate the latest technology.

Today we can create customized, premium-quality plastic components for trim parts and comfort, while passing production cost savings on to customers.

Backed by over 20 years’ experience with driver- and passenger-side airbag covers, Safe Demo is uniquely positioned to meet today’s growing demand for covers and components for side-impact, curtain and knee airbags.

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