Our Safe Demo engineers use the most innovative plastic molding and assembly technologies for automotive components, taking into account the latest market trends to develop parts with high perceived quality in terms of both style and finish.

Single-material plastic

At Safe Demo, we inject filled and unfilled standard materials (like ABS, ABS/PC, PC, PA 66 and POM), as well as specific compounds for more complicated applications.

Bi-material plastic

We boast 30 years’ experience in designing and making molds and bi-material components. Our advanced production processes mean we can offer fast turnaround times — even for highly complicated parts— with a range of specific properties and a unique look-and-feel.

« MuCell »

This injection process mixes thermoplastic materials with gas to obtain parts of a superior dimensional stability and with superior aesthetic qualities while reducing their weight.

Overmolding of inserts

Our expertise includes single-material and bi-material injection for the overmolding of plastic and metallic inserts, meaning we can create backlit components and locally reinforced parts.

Film Insert Molding (FIM)

We use overmolding on flat or shaped screen-printed film to produce trim parts and backlit automotive components.