We operate in an industry that lives and dies by quality. That’s why we have set up stringent quality control processes at all our plants—with a long track record of results.

Where product quality reflects process quality


A “Quality” management system common to all sites:

All Safe Demo sites use the same quality management system, making sure that methods and best practices are standardized and implemented uniformly across our company. These methods and best practices include:

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) based on our business strategy and customer satisfaction objectives, to track process and project efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Support functions—including quality management, project quality, procurement quality, and quality control laboratories—at our Chambly site in France;
  • Quality managers at each site, supervised by the unit manager but reporting functionally to the quality control manager of the branch;
  • Quality control systems compliant with AIAG recommendations (FMEA, SPC, APQP, PPAP, CQI-12 and CQI-23);
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods;
  • Continuous improvement methods and daily use of the PDCA approach;
  • A suggestion system;
  • Yokoten and lessons learned;
  • 5S methods;
  • A Zero Defect target for customer satisfaction (for both OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers);
  • Excellence in Quality-Cost-Delivery; and
  • Employee training and motivational initiatives on Total Quality.


High-performance measurement and testing systems

At Safe Demo, we have instituted proven testing procedures for our materials and finished products, to make sure they meet the technical specifications of the car makers we supply.


Dimensional measurement laboratory:

  • 3D machine associated with CAD
  • Optical measurement (GOM system) associated with CAD
  • Video measurement
  • Capability study software.


Physico-chemical laboratory:

  • IR/ATR spectrometry
  • Spectrocolorimeters
  • Spectroradiometers
  • CI 3000
  • Light booths
  • Climatic chambers
  • Dip tanks
  • Traction machines
  • Melt Index
  • Combustion chamber for flammability.


Systematic certification approach

All our sites are ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The laboratory is validated self agrement by Renault.