Safe Demo’s global leadership position is built on the cutting-edge equipment we use in our plants. Our machines draw on the latest technology and are designed specifically for the automotive industry.

Market-driven innovation


Moving with the major automotive trends

R&D plays a vital role in our company.

Our research programs go all the way from product design through to development, testing, validation and manufacturing to customer specifications.

All our studies and tests are performed in Chambly (France), which is specifically designed for research and laboratory testing, with specially developed human and technical skills. These resources let us invent new technology that not only improves our customers’ products, but also enhances the final driving experience.


R&D with a medium-term vision

Our R&D aims to develop technology and systems that keep us at the forefront of new market trends. Our goal is to continuously develop more efficient products that offer even better value for money.

Every year, we approve a list of innovative projects as part of a 3-year R&D plan and invest 2.5% of Safe Demo revenue in research and development.