Safe Demo engineers use the most innovative plastic molding and assembly technologies for automotive components, taking into account the latest market trends to develop parts with high perceived quality in terms of both style and finish.

Metallic paint

Safe Demo has developed a paint-based decoration expertise.


Soft paint

Safe Demo has been painting plastic parts with automated processes for more than 20 years, using both water-based and solvent-based paints when required.


PVD coating (by sputtering)

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) by sputtering is a metallization technique that involves extracting the metal from a cathode and projecting it onto plastic parts placed in a chamber under high vacuum. This environment friendly process allows us to achieve a wide variety of metallic finishes (colors, textures, etc.) and even to produce transparent metallic parts.



We use this decoration process to create a high-gloss finish in various colors (black, Piano Black, white, gray, red, etc.). Seen extensively on all the “high-tech” items that pepper our everyday lives, the technique is now employed widely throughout the car interior.



This process allows us to increase a plastic part’s surface tension to ensure paint adheres well.


Laser decoration

We use this surface scraping technology to decorate parts that are generally backlit.