Safe Demo plastic components are engineered to enhance both the safety and perceived quality of car interiors. Our innovative designs and smooth finishes give any car interior an exquisite look and feel.

Decorative parts determining vehicle category


Safe Demo masters a full range of production processes for decorative auto parts.

Our two-shot injection coupled with insert overmolding, and our flat and single-layer film screen printing enable us to offer high-performance solutions for backlit components (like buttons and heating panels) with significant added value.

Thanks to our overmolding technology, which makes use of rotating molds and in-mold transfer, we can produce a full range of components for personalizing vehicles.

For instance, with our bi-material process for panel knobs, we can produce components with exceptional features like a soft feel and intense, uniform night-time lighting.


In each of its plants, Safe Demo has access to proven technologies for decorating trim parts:

  • Liquid paint on plastic parts
  • Pad printing
  • Laser marking
  • Screen printing
  • PVD (physical vapor deposition).
Finish decorated parts
Bezel Black Piano decorated parts
Copper trim part
PVD ring decorated parts