Safe Demo, the “DEcoration & MOlding” specialist, boasts 50 years of recognized know-how. A global leader in plastic precision and trim parts for the automotive industry, we are also No. 1 worldwide in airbag covers.


Safe Demo, the world leader in airbag covers and trim parts


Perceived quality that starts with innovation

Safe Demo plastic automotive components bring added value to any vehicle and give it a distinct personality.

A prime example is the signature airbag cover that displays a car maker’s logo on a steering wheel.

Another is the integrated driver controls with buttons and lighting that make a car easy and enjoyable to drive — and add to its prestige.

Our engineers combine sleek designs with materials that feel so smooth they don’t even seem like plastic.

This imparts a high level of perceived quality to automobiles, making them attractive to car buyers and helping to ensure the success of a new model.

At Safe Demo we have mastered a unique combination of advanced technologies that are used in our plants and which we adapt to market trends: single-material injection, two-shot injection, “MuCell” gas injection, painting, PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition), laser decoration, film overmolding, etc.


A foundation of long-standing expertise

Established in 1964 and integrated into the Group in 1989, Demo has specialized in the production of highly technical parts like airbag covers, which have significantly improved as a result of our long-term investment in the development of production technologies.

Our expertise in automotive components and sub-assemblies is built on a deep understanding of the factors that make cars safe, comfortable and personalized—especially when it comes to precision components, trim parts and decorative finishes.


Working with customers to develop custom-designed solutions

We go where our customers are. That means building plants near their production sites and acting as a genuine partner to support their international expansion.

Present in France, Turkey, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil and soon China, Safe Demo employs nearly 850 staff.

Our proprietary technology, fast time-to-market and top-quality products are made possible thanks to our in-house mold production capabilities at Sotecplast. This has helped anchor our reputation as an expert in precision components for over 30 years.

We incorporate our customers’ needs from the design stage. The parts are then fabricated on our 15-ton to 1,200-ton injection presses and six automated painting lines around the world.