The Safe Group has developed three internal charters, which serve as our code of conduct and as a tool to remind our employees of our objectives and of our policy instruments in the fields of Total Quality, Safety and Sustainable Development.

Our three Total Quality, Safety and Environmental Charters


1. Total Quality Charter

At Safe, we have adhered to the Total Quality Charter spirit and organizational system since 1993.


It is by actively involving all our staff in a common project and adopting a success-driven approach that we are able to best satisfy our customers, employees and shareholders.

This kind of total involvement can only be achieved by pursuing an open communication policy, by ensuring that all participate in the defining of objectives and projects, and by actively developing employee motivation and skills.

The main purpose of our Total Quality Charter is to achieve high staff motivation by:

  • generalizing performance-related bonuses, which must be kept simple and transparent;
  • optimizing and rapidly implementing ideas and suggestions; and
  • involving workers and employees in all developments that concern them.

Total Quality also means making good use of the entire range of lean manufacturing tools on a case-by-case basis, to effectively overcome the problems encountered by units and improve processes.


2. Safety Charter

Group and branch general management oversees the implementation and enforcement of the Safety Charter and of its fundamental principles:

  • Accidents, especially serious accidents, can usually be prevented, as they are generally preceded by serious near misses that act as warnings and should be heeded by analyzing the causes.
  • Safety is not based on vigilance alone, but on organizing prevention and on operational discipline shown by all.
  • A clear and visible commitment by management is essential in demonstrating that safety is truly a priority.


To this end, Group and branch general management ensures and periodically monitors the smooth functioning of the procedures and the authorities responsible for protecting our employees and property. To assist them, we have established a Group Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Committee that meets at least three times a year under the direction of a safety engineer and is responsible for overseeing implementation plans at sites, analyzing HSE indicators, coordinating the preventive and corrective measures of safety facilitators and tracking ST100 progress.(Indicator to measure a unit's level of safety culture and awareness based on 10 criteria that are assessed annually.

The Group Management Committee oversees risk prevention and management at all our units and sites. It coordinates the implementation of our safety policy and the protection of industrial goods, property and equipment, and supervises and checks the monitoring of action plans arising from periodic prevention visits and the recommendations of local authorities and our insurance companies

The Management Board and at least one of its members are immediately notified by the units' operations executive management of any event undermining the safety, directly or indirectly, of those under its responsibility and/or the integrity of the site's grounds, buildings and/or assets.


3. Environmental Charter

The Safe Group has been actively involved in the preservation of natural resources since its creation, and we continually invest in optimizing not only components for our customers, but also our manufacturing processes. Our actions in favor of the environment have had a strong and positive impact, as they have enabled us to anticipate our customers' needs, improve our competitiveness by reducing our consumption of raw materials and energy, and thus retain our status as leader in the supply of components and technical assemblies at all our branches. We also invest every year in the insulation of our plants, as well as in the filtration and reduction of industrial emissions.