The Safe Group recorded sales of €275.5m in 2014, marking an 11% increase in relation to 2013. Its performance and profitability have improved, even exceeding the objectives set. The Group is continuing to work on numerous development projects.

Safe Group: Some benchmark figures:

Sales history in €m 


                                                                                                                                              * 2015 Forecast
Consolidated sales reached €275.5m in 2014,representing an increase of €27m compared to 2013.
The automotive market remains the Group’s main source of business.

Breakdown of sales by branch in €m


The breakdown of Group sales by branch remains stable. Safe Metal is benefiting from the acquisition of a new plant in Spain.

Safe Cronite is the Group entity to have recorded the greatest growth, and Safe Demo has reached a level of sales it has never before attained.


Breakdown of sales by market


Breakdown of sales by geographic area


A strong international influence and customers spread over the 3 continents.

The total sales distribution remains relatively stable compared to 2013.



Total at end-Dec 2014: 2554 people


More than half our employees are located outside France. 

40% of the Group’s managers carry out their job in non-French companies. 
The Mexican division is still the Safe Group’s second largest employer.