At Safe, we like to hold on to our employees and assist them with their career plan, at all levels of the company, because specialist expertise is acquired mainly through experience.

We therefore offer training tailored to the career aspirations of our staff and to the needs of our business, as well as career progression and development opportunities both at home and abroad.


A long and rewarding career


To promote dialogue, we hold annual reviews and routinely organize career interviews. We have also implemented a system to open up mobility opportunities.


1. Annual review

We call every employee at least once a year for a personal interview, during which we discuss their aspirations and career prospects. It is a perfect opportunity for employees at all levels of the company to evaluate achievements objectively and for us to propose new challenges.

2. Career interview

In addition to an annual review, all our employees can ask to be granted a career interview aimed primarily at developing new skills and/or providing assistance with a career change.

3. Mobility

With facilities throughout the world, our Safe Group is more than capable of satisfying career development aspirations and expectations. Our employees can request a transfer not only to another site of a same branch, but also to another branch.