All Safe companies provide training courses tailored to the individual needs of our employees as part of our skills forecasting and training policy.

A training policy tailored to our employees


We institute a deliberate training policy around three themes:

  1. Vocational training for careers in industry, giving preference to those that lead to qualifications. The aim of these programs is to develop skills and attract new talent to an industry often neglected by younger generations. Safe Metal and Safe Cronite make long-term investments in foundry-related skills and professions, particularly through their funding of the foundry school in Lyon, from which four classes of trainees have graduated since 2003 holding the French CQPM vocational metallurgy diploma.
  2. The development of multiple skills to increase our employees’ expertise, making it easier for them to adapt and move on to new jobs and to increase their organizational flexibility.
  3. Education in economic affairs and business management disciplines, in various forms, for our operational managers and executive management teams. The European Center for Executive Development, CEDEP, located on the INSEAD campus and of which we have been a member for over 15 years, has hosted training for more than 400 people. They go there for courses of between 10 and 15 days per year to learn more about business management, financial techniques and modern organizational structures. We provide in-house, one-on-one business economics “e-learning” to increase our employees’ knowledge of disciplines crucial to economic management.

And we give in-house legal training to raise our operational managers’ awareness of industrial, commercial and social risks.

Perhaps most importantly, we have always attached great importance to sharing knowledge between generations. We like to make sure our younger recruits feel rapidly at home, by offering contracts and mentoring opportunities.

In 2014, we invested more than 4% of our payroll in training.