Our Safe Group upholds Values that are indissociable from our culture. They constitute our trademark, and dictate both our moral and professional code of good conduct and our management principles.

Our Values: Our moral and professional code of good conduct

They reflect a corporate vision, and are the cement that bind all employees and all levels of our hierarchy. They are understood by our staff, who identify with them and refer to them in both their actions and decisions. Such Values can only be upheld if our leaders set the example.


Clearly displayed and shared, these Values have always underpinned the rigor and management principles that have made us so successful. They are mutually complementary and form a coherent whole.

Commitment is the pillar, as a result of which we obtain results enabling us to realize the investments necessary for Dynamism and Innovation.

In return, Dynamism and Innovation are powerful factors in motivating teams and strengthen their Commitment.

Values induce behaviors that in themselves produce results.


Values Attitudes Results
Spirit of conquest
Taking of calculated risks
New products
Process improvement
Delegation and control
Result oriented
High expectations


These are all human Values, which cannot be learnt and need to be lived from day to day, passed on by following the example set by our executive management team and colleagues.

This is why we assign priority to ensuring our staff and managers identify with these Values, that they seek to express them in their everyday work and are happy to live our collective industrial adventure.