The Safe Group, a family business, today the global leader in each of our three lines of business, has now set itself the objective of becoming No. 1 on the American and Asian continents.

The Safe Group: An industrial spirit

In 2001, our Group unveiled an ambitious strategy:

“To become No. 1 worldwide in all our lines of business”

In the space of 10 years, the Safe Group has effectively become the world leader in airbag covers for the automotive sector, in heat treatment furnace equipment, and in cast steel parts made using green sand. Today, we have 5 plants in France, and 11 plants and 1 R&D center in the rest of the world .

We owe this remarkable success to our specialization in very narrow niches, as well as to a very stable management, a highly decentralized organization, an excellent financial management, high levels of investment to develop technical and industrial tools, an ambitious international development policy to support large customers and, above all, the motivation and commitment of our managers and all our teams.

Despite the globalization phenomenon, competition in all our lines of business still occurs on a continent basis. Being world leader in terms of sales, market share and technology in each line of business is not enough.

Our Safe Group has now set itself a new goal, announced early 2013, that of becoming:

“No. 1 on the American continent and No. 1 on the Asian continent”

To achieve this, we will be drawing on 4 of our strengths:

  • our technological lead recognized by customers and our strong development capabilities;
  • our network of 16 plants and our commercial presence in 23 countries, ensuring high levels of performance, quality and service at minimum cost;
  • our proven know-how in rapidly setting up new units in proximity to thriving markets and potential customers; and
  • our solid financial structure for financing development.

In the medium term, we will focus on investing in new units, attracting new long-term customers, and achieving a new sales share of 40% in Europe, 40% in the Americas and 20% in Asia.