Safe is an international industrial group (with revenue of €275,5m and employing 2,554 people in 2014) organized into 3 branches operating 20 manufacturing plants in 9 countries on 3 continents, which produce technical components in cast steel and injection molded plastic for the automotive sector, for public works and mining machinery, for trucks, for railway equipment, for the aeronautics industry, and for industrial furnaces.

The Safe Group: Our activities and business, our organization and our governance model


1. Activities and business

The Safe Group operates in niche industries, i.e. market segments where:

  • our relative size,
  • the technologies we implement,
  • the quality of our equipment and products, and
  • our performance

make us global leaders.

We use our recognized technological expertise, our superior listening skills and reactivity and our extensive and efficient network of development and production centers to provide a customized service worldwide.
Each of our 3 branches conducts its own specific activities and business:


Safe Metal

Safe Metal is the world leader in cast steel components produced using green sand. Our parts are used in public works and mining equipment, tramways and high-speed and subway trains, semi-trailers and material-handling and agricultural equipment. Our Safe Metal expertise is based on over a century of experience.
Our Safe Metal branch operates 7 efficient and complementary specialized plants, spread over Europe, Mexico and China, having a total annual production capacity exceeding 80,000 tons of components with unit weights ranging from a few kilograms to 40 tons depending on intended use.
Safe Metal recycles 65,000 tons of scrap metal each year—derived mainly from the automotive industry—and more than 90% of the sand used for casting steel components.


Safe Demo

Safe Demo (DEcoration & MOlding) is the world leader in the manufacture of airbag covers and trim parts for the automotive industry.
Our plastic trim parts make passenger compartments more attractive and help customize a car. Examples include signature airbag covers for steering wheels showing the manufacturer’s logo and driver controls that combine buttons and lighting to make a car easy and enjoyable to drive and determine vehicle category.
We have Safe Demo plants in six different countries: France, Czech Republic, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil, and China in 2015. They are set up near our customers to help them in their international development.
In 10 years, our Demo branch has divided the weight of an airbag cover by 2.5, also reducing the raw material and hydrocarbon consumption per vehicle.

2. Organization

The Safe Group is a mid-sized company that combines entrepreneurial dynamism and the flexibility of a SME on the one hand with the development capacities and viability of an international group on the other.

It is a decentralized group, organized into autonomous branches of business each with its own operating resources (management, sales network, development resources, facilities, information systems). They conduct their activities within the framework of our Group strategy and conform to our Values, our fundamental organizational principles and our rules of operation and management.

The objectives at the various operational levels are defined annually as part of our integrated management process, which outlines strategy, budgeting, forecasting and incentive systems. Achievements and perspectives are analyzed and evaluated monthly as part of an efficient reporting system established by our Financial Division.

This organization empowers and motivates the executive management of our branches and units as well as the managers and employees in the chain of command. It draws its strength from delegation, initiative, measure of outcome and the right to make mistakes inevitable in every entrepreneurial endeavor.


3. Governance and management

Our Group’s governing bodies implement our organizational principles, manage branch autonomy and control Group strategy and performance.
Our managing body is the Group Executive Committee. It monitors the implementation of our Group strategy, establishes operating rules, coordinates action and makes managerial decisions on behalf of the Group. 
  • Gerard Mura, Chairman
  • Frédéric Schwartz, Managing Director
  • Franck Lacroix, Managing Director and Managing Director of Safe Metal
  • Albert Lopes, Managing Director of Safe Demo
  • Pierre Wittmann, Managing Director of Safe Cronite
  • Hervé Longatte, Development Director.
Each branch has its own managing director, directly responsible for its operational management. 
The Group Executive Committee meets at Safe International, based in Geneva.
The Board of Directors, chaired by Gérard Mura, controls the Group’s progress and approves its industrial choices and strategic organisation and development decisions.