Backed by solid experience and industry-leading innovation, Safe Metal has earned its place as a preferred partner of railway equipment manufacturers.

Preferred partner of railway equipment manufacturers

At Safe Metal, we supply key parts to the world’s largest manufacturers of equipment for passenger railway systems (including high-speed trains, regional trains, underground transport and trams).

We work closely with customers to develop and produce molded and mechanically-molded sub-assemblies ready to be integrated into final systems:

  • Bogies (transmission system components)
  • Breaking systems (disks, calipers, brake shoes, etc.)
  • Couplings for rail cars
  • Motors.

Our solutions are not only safe and reliable, but also reduce the weight of a train, make it run more quietly and cut its maintenance costs.

We have recently made important breakthroughs in metallic parts for use in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Our customers include prestigious, demanding railway operators like SNCF in France and Deutsche Bahn in Germany.

Axle box
Connecting rod
Pivot center
Axle box