Safe Metal leads the world in the production of cast steel components. Our parts are used in high-speed trains, semi-trailers, public works vehicles and mining equipment. Our expertise comes from over one hundred years in the business.

Safe Metal, world leader in steel components made by green sand casting

Know-how that knows no weight limits

Whether weighing a few pounds or 50 tons, every one of our cast steel components benefits from our expertise:

  • 7 specialized plants in Europe, Mexico and China, highly efficient, complementary and producing 80,000 tons of products every year;
  • international, multidisciplinary teams with the ability to deliver optimized solutions and services to all our customers worldwide; and
  • an unwavering commitment to technical progress and innovation, driving the development of leading-edge products and production processes.

An extensive skills network

Our teams operate as part of an international network that stretches across Europe, America and Asia, and partner their sales and project management skills with those of their customers.

This co-development approach is indispensable when it comes to designing and developing cost-effective components suited to all types of use in as short a time as possible.

To simplify the whole chain and make it more cost effective, we offer a broad spectrum of products ranging from individual components to complex sub-assemblies.