Castmetal Trading Beijing, Beijing

Castmetal Trading Beijing

Room 411, ShouGang Industry Hepingli Mansion n°1 - Hepingli West Street,

Chaoyang District
Beijing 100013, Chine
Tel.: +86 10 644 05 701     

Fax: +86 10 644 05 700

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Safe Metal set up Castmetal Trading in 2003, a commercial and trading office in Beijing in charge of supplying cast steel to the branch’s subsidiaries and their customers. Its “sourcing” function draws on its long-term partnerships with the best Chinese foundries for all product lines.

The members of our Castmetal Trading Beijing team are engineers and controllers, all foundry specialists trained in our own Safe plants.

They are responsible for developing, improving and monitoring production. All audits and inspection operations are conducted at our technical center based in Ningbo, China.

Castmetal Trading Beijing is also in charge of developing Safe Metal business across the whole Asia/Pacific region. In particular, it brings our steel foundry expertise to customers present or wanting to develop their activities in China.


Feurst, Feurs


Boulevard de la Boissonnette

F-42110 Feurs

Tel.: +33 (0)4 77 27 40 63      

Fax: +33 (0)4 77 27 09 84

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Feurst manufactures teeth, teeth holders and bucket shrouds for public works, mining and dredging machines.

After developing numerous ranges like Fastkey®, Sidekey®,  Orca teeth and adapters,and J-type adaptable teeth, Feurst innovated in the wear parts market and is now offering Hammerless Turnkey devices.

This totally safe, hammerless locking system is attracting more and more users worldwide.

Feurst has been serving its customers conscientiously for over 40 years and has developed teeth and teeth holders for buckets which offer real competitive advantages, i.e. speed of installation, adaptability, improved productivity and reduced machine downtimes.